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Every minute Facebook users send roughly 31.25 million messages and watch 2.77 million videos.


Revo Data


Personal Digital Spaces™ has been founded with the mission of enabling growth, velocity, and fair trade practices of the data-driven economy.  We will succeed by offering software developers with a platform that enables inexpensive easy-to-implement accountability and value exchange mechanisms for all points of the data value chain, and by being the trusted partner who helps navigate the changing technology and policy landscape.


The Personal Digital Spaces (PDS) application platform and the Żetonium blockchain were designed to enable information at all points of the information value chain as discrete units that are logged, authenticated, valued, tagged, shared, searched, aggregated, exchanged, and analyzed. We provide a technology layer and we recommend business practices that remove the technical and compliance barriers which have prevented individuals and companies from creating relationships where they can mutually experience the benefits of sharing information. 

By focusing our efforts on understanding and implementing a stable application development layer that takes advantage of distributed ledger, our application partners can focus on rapidly prototyping new applications or porting existing applications. We realize that the blockchain world is still very dynamic, and have designed our application platform to easily interface with most blockchains, so choosing a different blockchain will not entail a rewrite of applications.  Likewise, we understand that data and privacy laws are evolving and we will continue to create tools and promote practices that support compliance.

We are proud to be a facilitator that removes technical, cost and policy barriers which have perpetuated digital colonialism and practices that reward only the wealthy companies and countries that have made investments in data collection and analysis but opt not to share the wealth with the individuals or countries that provide or add value to the data.  No longer can companies’ claim that allowing individual control or returning a share of value creation to individuals, agencies or countries for the source data or other value added would be too costly in time or money to implement.

UN Goals


Personal Digital Spaces has embraced the following United Nations sustainable development goals as a crucial aspect of our mission

Goal Three

Offer a path to good health and well-being

Goal Nine

Harness innovation to build technology that improves life for everyone

Goal Ten

Reduce financial inequality by offering alternative ways of creating value for each and every person

Goal Sixteen

Enable Identity so that no one is stateless and unrepresented

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