Personal Digital Spaces is the leading application development platform for decentralized and privacy-centric applications.
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Build your applications with flexible data control and access mechanisms.

Personal Digital Spaces (PDS) is a software development platform that enables application developers to easily include blockchain-powered functionality which incorporates an immutable and verifiable record of data policies. These policies allow for data to be held anywhere with a guarantee of the integrity and accessibility of that data. That data can be titled with user ownership and licensed for sharing, viewing or any other use.


Personal Digital Spaces are virtualized control points for personal, private and business data. 

By harnessing the fundamental transparency and integrity of an open blockchain, application developers can feel assured that their products are integrated with a dependable and perpetually available mechanism for enabling access to data in any format or size. PDS services enable seamless management and monetization of data assets, all through distributed storage systems. This approach supports legacy architectures yet sets the foundation for enabling application stakeholders to be rewarded for the data they emit.



High-speed, transactionally focused distributed ledger technology is utilized to provide full auditability and enforcement of access rights.


PDS integrates with structured and unstructured data in any API-based storage system. PDS data services permit the increased searchability and aggregation of any digital assets.


PDS supports the choice of authentication, pseudonymity, and anonymity.


The PDS is a fully code-complete and production-grade enterprise platform. Despite its reliance on a blockchain foundation, it is not just an idea described in a white paper but rather it's available today and being used by many production software systems.


The platform is fully compatible with both fiat currency and token entry points, thereby providing application developers with a high-degree of flexibility in monetizing data assets.


The platform has been proven to be scalable through multiple deployments on various service environments supporting many distributed applications (dApps).


The system natively facilitates mechanisms for thorough accounting and rewards.


The PDS Platform rests on multiple levels of technology so that developers can always have access to the latest state-of-the-art distributed ledger technology while interacting with the same, familiar API interfaces and storage systems.

The stack provides for independent protocols for each layer: the blockchain foundation, the digital asset metadata control layer, and the standard-based application programming interfaces. Each of these components can be tailored for specific developer requirements and yet work in a highly reliable and integrated fashion.


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